Appetizers with a flair!

Quick and easy appetizers for busy people.

Maybe you have a get together coming up. Or just maybe some friends dropped by for a couple of cocktails. Whip some of these up for something to munch on while you're chatting. From something light to something more substantial, it's all here.

page 3----Aburage Treat
page 3----Stuffed Aburage
page 4----Chicken with Nori
page 4----Korean Pupu Chicken
page 5----Cucumber with Imitation Crab
page 6----Lumpia & Sauce
page 7----Koko
page 7----Namasu with Codfish
page 8----Eggplant Namasu
page 8----Namako Namasu
page 9----Ogo Namasu
page 9----Oyster Roll
page 10---Spinach Roll
page 10---Seafood Pupu
page 11---Shrimp Treats
page 11---Squid Pupu
page 12---Ika Tempura
page 12---Kamaboko Tempura
page 13---Mashed Potato Tempura
page 13---Pork Tempura
page 14---Shrimp Tempura
page 14---Won Ton
page 15---Clam Dip
page 15---Crab Dip
page 16---Kim Chee Dip
page 16---Taco Dip
page 17---Tortilla Chips Dip
page 17---Vegetable Dip
page 18---Mexican Platter

(Of course, this cookbook has entrees, salads, desserts and more!!) Our favorite is the cucumber with imitation crab.

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