Html, css, web site design making you crazy?

If you ever wanted to teach yourself the ins and outs of creating a web page, here is a complete guide to html. It is even used as a textbook in some colleges.

Boogie Jack (aka Dennis Gaskill) wrote a book called "Web Site Design Made Easy".

My first thought was, "Yeah, right! Nobody can get this stuff into my head", but I bought the hard cover copy anyway.
It was so easy! Step by step my page was forming before my eyes.

The dreaded Chapter 7
The only chapter that is still hard for me is chapter 7. Does anyone else have a mental block when trying to create tables?

In the beginning, I could not put the book down.
It is dog-eared, marked up with notes, and coffee stained. It is right next to my computer at all times.
The glossary, reference charts and troubleshooting pages in the back of the book are indispensable!
Especially the html troubleshooting pages ;-<

Here are the reasons I'm dedicating a page to Boogie Jack's web site:

He makes learning hard stuff easy.

He makes learning hard stuff fun.

He explains why hard stuff can be easy and fun!

If you are considering a recipe for success on the internet, you will find help withBoogie Jack's tips and tutorials.

Now, Boogie Jack has a series of new pages coming up for our viewing pleasure.

Check out Cool!

If you are planning on creating an e-book, you need "Ebook Farming".

Play with "background magic". There is a free trial.

Here is

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