Cookbook-Table of Contents.

Here is a complete list of the recipes to be found in the "Home Cooking" cookbook-table of contents. Please preview to see all the interesting things you can stir up in no time for your hungry family. These recipes are guaranteed to enable you to spend more time in the evenings doing what you love to do most - REST and RELAX after a hard days work!

Our family has tried every recipe at least once and some of them millions of times.



page 20---Energy shake
page 20---Fruit Punch
page 21---Fruity Punch
page 21---Fruit Punch Delight
page 22---Jello Punch
page 22---Homemade Fresh Guava Juice
page 23---Frosty Orange Drink
page 23---Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri
page 24---Strawberry Spritzer

page 26---Banana Pudding Cake
page 26---Blueberry Cake Mix
page 27---Butter Pecan Cake
page 28---Carrot Cake
page 28---Cherry Glazed Sponge Cake
page 29---Chocolate Dobash Cake
page 30---Chocolate Zucchini Cake
page 31---Christmas Jello Cake
page 32---Ice Cream Cake
page 33---Jello Cheesecake
page 34---Mayonnaise Cake
page 34---Mochi Cake
page 35---Nut Swirl Pudding Cake
page 36---Pluck Cake
page 36---Pineapple Cream Cheese Cake
page 37---Pumpkin Cake
page 38---Strawberry 7-Up Cake
page 39---Wine Cake
page 39---Pistachio Cake

Beef Broccoli
page 98---Beef with Green Peppers
page 99---Beef Teriyaki
page 99---Beef Tofu
page 100--Barbequed Beef
page 100--Bar-B-Q Meat Cutlets
page 101--Korean Bar-B-Q Meat or Chicken
page 101--Khal Bi
page 102--Pipikaula
page 102--Pot Roast
page 103--Barbeque Ribs
page 103--Short Ribs Supreme
page 104--Roast
page 104--Chuck Roast
page 105--Teriyaki Pot Roast
page 105--Shish Kabob
page 106--Finger Steaks
page 106--Quickie Flank Steak
page 107--Quickie Swiss Steak
page 107--Butter Yaki

page 109--Quicky Spaghetti
page 109--Spaghetti & Meatballs Marinara
page 110--Ground Beef Stroganoff
page 110--Zippy Beef Casserole
page 111--Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
page 112--Eggplant Parmigiana
page 113--Juicy Hambergers
page 113--Favorite Hamburgers
page 114--Delicious Chili
page 114--Hamburger Croquettes
page 115--Hamburger Goulash
page 115--Lasagna
page 116--Hamburger Maki
page 116-Meat Loaf (B-B-Q)
page 117--Healthy Golden Meatloaf
page 118--SpicyMeatballs
page 119--Easy Pizza
page 119--Portugese Sausage Pizza
page 120--Chinese Steak Wrap
page 121--Beef & Potato Casserole
page 121--B-R-B Casserole (Burger-Rice-Beans)

page 123--Pork Adobo
page 124--Bacon-Baked Beans
page 124--Char Siu
page 125--Ham Glaze
page 126--Scalloped Ham, Potatoes & Carrots
page 126--Pork Chops & Beans
page 127--PeanuttyMushroom Chops
page 127--Pork Chops & Stuffing
page 128--Oven Kalua Pig
page 128--Oven Lau Lau
page 129--Sweet Sour Oven Ready Butt
page 130--Pork Hekka
page 130--Pork with Peas & Pimentos
page 131--Tofu Pork
page 131--BBQ Ribs
page 132--Baked Beans Spareribs
page 132--Sweet Sour Spareribs
page 133--Stuffed Portugese Rolls
page 134--Sweet Sour Pork
page 135--Pork Pot Roast
page 136-Tonkatsu

page 138--Abalone Chicken Dish
page 139--Artichoke Chicken
page 140--Chicken with Bamboo
page 140--Barbeque Chicken
page 141--BBQ Mochiko Chicken
page 141--Chicken Cacciatori
page 142--Chicken Curry
page 142--Chicken Long Rice
page 143--Crispy Chinese Chicken
page 143--Mexican Chicken
page 144--Chinese lemon Chicken
page 145--Hawaiian Chicken
page 146--Ginger Chicken
page 146--Guamanian Chicken
page 147--Honey Chicken
page 147--Kentucky-Style Fried Chicken
page 148--Korean BBQ Chicken
page 148--Chicken Luau
page 149--Miso Shoyu Chicken
page 149--Mochiko Chicken
page 150--Chicken with Mushroom
page 150--Nori Chicken
page 151--Chicken in dry onion soup
page 151--Oyako Donburi
page 152--Oyster Chicken
page 152--Chicken with Papaya
page 153--Pineapple Chicken
page 153--Pot Roast Chicken
page 154--Stuffed Chicken
page 154--Chicken Vegetable
page 155--Teriyaki Chicken
page 155--Chicken Yakitori

page 158--Chinese Roast Duck

page 160--Roast Turkey
page 161--Smoke Flavored Turkey
page 162--Turkey Chowder

page 164--Crab-Broccoli Casserole
page 164--Crab Omelette
page 165--Crab Regal
page 165--Ahi with Sweet Sauce
page 166--Miso Fish
page 166--Oriental Sablefish
page 167--Steamed Fish
page 167--Salmon or Tuna Casserole
page 168--Salmon Rice Loaf
page 168--Seafood Bisque
page 169--Seafood Lasagna
page 170--Pineapple Shrimp
page 170--Shrimp Canton with Vegetables
page 171--Stuffed Shrimp
page 172--Squid Luau
page 172--Tuna-Tofu Casserole

page 174--A Gallon of Granola
page 175--Quick Granola
page 175--Swedish Cold Cereal
page 176--Bakalau Salad
page 177--Crab Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad
page 178--Chicken Salad
page 178--Fruit Salad
page 179--Pasta Salad
page 180--Peanutty Salad
page 180--Hot Potato Salad
page 181--Wonderful Salad
page 182--Salmon Salad
page 182--Shrimp Salad
page 183--Somen Salad
page 183--Spaghetti Salad
page 184--Spicy Chinese Tofu
page 185--Pistachio Fruit Salad
page 185--Clam Chowder

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