Lose weight by eating negative calorie foods.

Lose weight by eating more?

What in the world does that mean?

Negative Calorie Foods do just that. They burn more calories in the digestive process than they contribute.

Quickly, easily and deliciously.

While researching material for my webpages, I came across this book with the title (you guessed it) Negative Calorie Foods.

Being naturally skeptical, my first thought was "No Way!".

However, curiosity won and the test was on.

I bought the book and went on a mission. For 30 days, only foods and recipes listed in the book passed my lips. (Confession-The glass of beer every evening was sorely missed!)

One month and 17 pounds lighter, I can vouch 1st hand for the effectiveness of this "diet".


Here is an update seven months later:

Total weight loss - 47 lb

Ok, so I cheat now and then. Just a little. I did exchange my evening glass of beer for a glass of wine. ;-}

Here is an update eleven months later:

Total weight loss - 61 lb (only four more pounds and I'm good!)


The Negative Calorie book is an important part of my family's diet.

(Sshh......they don't know they are eating healthier foods.)

So, don't restrict the amount of food you eat.

You won't stick with it because you will always be hungry. Your body will think you are starving, so it will store whatever you do eat as fat to keep you alive.

Often, during the day, eat small amounts. Doing this will tell your body that you're OK. When your body knows you will survive, your metabolism will rise and fat will be released.

"How can that person stay so thin, she's always eating!" Now you know why.

Stop starving yourself ... and lose weight forever.

By the way, page 57 has great information on how to deal with cellulite. It has been estimated that 85% of us have some cellulite. You know, that "orange peel" skin with all the little dents?

The recipes from page 65 to page 147 are delicious. We haven't tried them all, but one of our favorites is the celery soup!

P.S. The "test" was so successful that I can comfortably recommend this book to anyone who needs to shed some pounds and not be hungry!

Lose weight by eating more!

Lose Weight the Easy Way! Negative calorie foods ebook

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