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August 12, 2007 04:30 - 10 Million Clicks for Peace

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July 3, 2006 21:37 - Filipino food was brought to Hawaii in 1906.

Filipino food was brought to the Hawaiian Islands by the Filipino workers.

In 1906, the first Filipino workers were recruited to Hawaii from the Philipines to work as laborers in the sugar cane and pineapple fields.

More workers were recruited when US law banned immigrant workers in 1909. Since the Philipines was a commonwealth of the US, it was easy for interested Filipino workers to migrate to Hawaii.

It was not an easy life for these workers. Most left their families behind, worked long hours, and for minimal wages.

Over the years, the lot of the Filipino immigrants in Hawaii improved. Children of the laborers were better educated and slowly paved the way for a much better quality of life for the coming Filipino generations.

The proof of it was personified by Benjamin Cayetano, the son of a former laborer from Pangasinan province. He was elected Governor of Hawaii in 1994. The first Filipino American to become governor of a state in the United States.

One common recreation during their time off was to gather together for parties.

Filipino food is absolutely delicious! The recipe below is one of our family favorites!


8 ounces long rice
4 large dried Shiitake mushrooms
1/2 pound lean pork
1/4 pound shrimp
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 cans chicken broth, 14 oz.
2 T patis (Filipino fish sauce)
1/4 t pepper
8 ounces fried egg noodles
lemon wedges

Soak long rice and mushrooms in warm water for 30 minutes; drain.
Cut long rice in 3 inch lengths.
Remove stems from mushrooms; dice caps.
Slice pork into thin strips.
Shell, clean, and cut shrimp into small pieces.
In a skillet,heat oil. Saute garlic and brown pork.
Stir in shrimps and mushrooms. Saute 1 minute.
Add broth, patis and pepper. Bring to a boil.
Add long rice and noodles, stirring lightly until noodles are heated.
Serve with lemon wedges. Makes 6 servings.

There are more delicious recipes here! (Go to URL)

June 13, 2006 20:11 - Gentlemen, start your grilling engines!

Grilling in the backyard is something everyone in our family looks forward to on the weekend.

Sunday is our day for catching up on all the family news. Everyone drops by and visits.

Someone makes an early run to the ice house and fills the coolers with cold beverages.

The pool table is dusted off and the vollyball net is pulled tight. The kiddie pool is made ready for the hot afternoon.

This means food and lots of it.

The beef and chicken are marinaded the night before,
the salads are prepared in the morning and brunch consists of sweet bread french toast and scrambled eggs.

Actually the secret to great grilled food is in the condiments offered. Spice up the catsup and mayo, add mushrooms and sweet onions, and don't forget those tomatoes! Ummmm, good to the last drip!

Here are some of the recipes we prepare for this day:

BBQ Pork Chops
Chicken BBQ
German Potato Salad

(Go to URL)

June 12, 2006 19:22 - Recipe Ideas for busy people

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