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January 6, 2006 11:21 - Kids Page - Links to fun and educational kids sites

There is also a delicious recipe for oatmeal cookies with peanut butter. (Go to URL)

January 8, 2006 18:20 - Lose weight by eating more!

Stop starving yourself to lose weight. It won't work. Your body will hang on to your fat thinking you are in danger. Your metabolism will decrease. Eat smaller amounts of the right foods more frequently. Then you will be telling your body you are OK. Your metabolism will increase and fat will be released.

It worked for me and it will work for you. (Go to URL)

January 11, 2006 02:57 - We now have a half eaten pan of fudge in our frige!

We were really bad last night!

It started when Kayti said, "I feel like eating something sweet." Then all the me-too's chimed in.

So we checked for ingredients. Everything was present and accounted for, so we did our dark, decadent fudge thing.

We ate it with buttered popcorn, so maybe you could say we were "double bad"!

We'll never get the grease off the Parchesi board. Oh well...........we had fun. (Go to URL)

January 19, 2006 21:17 - Valentine Day is Feb 14th

The origin of Valentine Day is very obscure, whch makes it more appealing. Follow the link to find a short history of Valentine Day, how it became so centered around love. There is also a recipe for easy sugar cookies -- fun to decorate with hearts and red sprinkles. Oh, and delicious to eat! (Go to URL)

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